Meet Our Recent Trainees

Adriano Salicru

Adriano Salicru, M.D., Ph.D    

How did you get interested in choosing allergy for your career?

I grew up with allergies all of my life, including eczema, asthma, and allergic rhinitis.  When I went to college and medical school, the subjects that interested me the most were Immunology, so it only felt natural for me to pursue a medical field where I had a strong academic interest and personal experience with common diseases we see in Allergy and Immunology.


Where did you do your prior medical training?

I pursued a combined MD/PhD at the University of Texas Medical School and at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.  I then pursued my internship and residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina University Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC.  I subsequently pursued subspecialty training in Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the Johns Hopkins University.  


Tell us about your research.

During fellowship training, I helped to investigate new therapies that target the arm of the immune system responsible for allergic inflammation.  Specifically, we were investigating new biomolecules that can selectively target mast cells and eosinophils.

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