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How to change, cancel or confirm your appointment 410-550-2300, option #1 and then Option #3

Shot Clinic Hours – 410-550-2301

Prescription Refills and Questions – 410-550-2301

How to contact us

            Call 911 for emergencies – do not wait to call us in the case of a true emergency.

            Call 410-550-2300:

-       if you are sick and want to speak to a nurse or physician

-       for general inquiries

-       to make an appointment

            Call 410-550-2301

-       for lab results

-       to see if your records have been sent or received

-       if you are a physician who wants to refer a patient or ask for an outpatient consultation from one of the doctors in our practice.

            Call 410-955-4331 after hours to reach the on-call physician.

            Call 410-933-1200 for billing questions.

            PATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS should be faxed to 443-287-9359.

            Our clinical practice fax number is 410-550-3256.  

How to reach us for general information:

To protect your privacy, your email correspondence must be limited to general comments or inquiries. We cannot answer specific questions about your medical condition here, but you can reach us by phone for these concerns at 410-550-8633.

Reach out; we would love to assist you!

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